How to Use

Your Sticky Wall will arrive in a “non-sticky” state. You will need to spray the fabric with repositional spray mount (see below) to transform it into a Sticky Wall.

Once your Sticky Wall is sticky, it can be used as a “magic” wall. Paper or card can be used to record ideas and then simply placed on the Sticky Wall. The adhesive ensures that the paper or card stays in position.

When you need to move a piece of paper or card simply peel it off the surface and re-position it in another location.

Sticky Wall

Spraying your Sticky Wall

You will need a can of Repositional Adhesive Spray Mount and your Sticky Wall.

Lay the Sticky Wall on the floor or hang up but do use newspaper to prevent spray from hitting the floor. Spray liberally with the glue following the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure you have good ventilation for this process.

Once attached to a wall (avoid strong drafts) you can then attach papers of different sizes, post-it notes, etc. to the surface and move them as and when necessary.

The Sticky Wall will remain sticky for some time and you will need to fold it sticky sides together at the end of a session ready for the next. You will occasionally need to re-spray to refresh the stickiness.


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